I want to go AEON.

AEON is a big shopping mall. There are many shops...tea shop, cloth shop...etc.
I want to talk with shopmen and women. And I want to buy tea and cloths.

so much for today
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I have to do my experiments……

In these days, I didn't experiment what I have to do.
My works are not purification of Mugineic acid, but of Manganese Solubilizing substance.
At 5/19, intermediate presentation will be held. I have to make my plan until this presentation.

And, I must think more serious about my future.

so much for today
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Great Holidays!

I greatly enjoyed last holidays! MISAGO and PIZZA and MORIO and TIKOU comes my house and play games all night with me!

So I couldn't write this diary, but from today, I start it.

so much for today
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Today, I'm going to drink.

I had been hall of JIKEI dormitory until the year before last year.
This year, JIKEI also hold a welcome party of new halls. So I'm going to join the party. I will drink with professor Takahata and Chigen. I'm looking forward to eat delicious food.

so much for today
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I love shanghai alice!

This is a kind of music making group. But it's not company. His name is ZUN, who is indivisual group of shooting game maker.
I always listen his music during reading english papers. There was not any words, so I can concentrate on translating english.
Why don't you listen his music?

so much for today
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Today is fine day, isn't it?

In these days, it continued cloudy days or rainy days. But today, I could see blue sky! And in green house, the temperature was 12℃!
It was enough high for barley to release MAs. I'm looking forward to see the result of Fe activity test.

so much for today
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I found KURO

She was still maternity. I'm looking forward to see her children.

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Where are the cats giong?

Every year, in Iwate Univercity, stray cats breeds.
This year, the cat we called KURO was maternity. I'm looking forward to see baby cats! But in these days, I couldn't find KURO. So I think that KURO was breeding.
But today, I heard from Igarashi that Yamagata saw KURO last friday, and KURO was still maternity.

so much for today
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I'm looking forward to have dinner

Today, Kashem invited us to have dinner after English colloquium.I think it will be delicious!

By the way, the purification of mugineic acid have a period. And then, I am going to repeat the same way to purify all sample. It maybe takes many many times, two months I think. But my study is purification of Manganese solubilization substance. I hope that these experience will give me a great inspiration!

so much for today
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I stayed up late last night

So I could'nt wake up at 6 o'clock. I absolutely think I am going to wake up at 6 o'clock tomorrow.
It is no meaning for me that I purified mugineic acid everyday.
Waking up at 6 o'clock everyday of April is MY decision.
It means that other person's thinking do not relate with my doing.

I'll do my best about everything.

so much for today
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