Damn it all

I couldn't wake up at 6 o'clock.
There are a lot of things that I want to do, I have to do and I must do. But A day has only 24 hours! I feel that it is too short.
I want to do practice of GGXX/, I want to experiment, I want to sleep, I want to eat delicious food……

First of all,

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today!

so much for today
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Because of the column that was using for purification of mugineic acid, yesterday I woke up late. Untill 3 o'clock! But I could wake up at 6 o'clock. I think I can't wake up if I sleep in bed. So I slept in KOTATSU. Although there was a little danger for me to catch a cold, I kept heater on during I was sleeping. It was best way for me.

so much for today
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I enjoyed the tour!

Last weekend, I went to AKITA with neko, IGA, genki, xyosuxi and gurefa by gurefa's car. The traveling time was very fun! IGA was very excited!

When we arrived AKITA SEGA, misago and shiroume had been playing GGXX/. First of all, I joined the shiroume's game. And I had great time with GGXX friends.

And the time that AKITA carnival start had come. The carnival had regulated random 2on2. So we lotted. Our team was I and misago! It was very very lucky!

In AKITA, nobady had used Pochomkin. So they didn't know pochomkin's battle style very much. And I and misago finally had gotten victory!!

After carnival, we enjoyed many many games. After AKITA SEGA closed, I, neko, Staisa, IGA, shiroume, misago, miso and murakoma went to shiroume's home. Then we played GGXX/, too.

This tour was very exciting and amuzing! If I have enough time and money, I want to go AKITA again!

so much for today
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I got skill

It is necessary for my furture to get skills of study. Yesterday I & Kato surported Mr.Kawai to make cellulose chromatogram. It was difficult for me to the rate of water and cellulose. So we tried to make it three times. But finally we could make chromatograms!

so much for today
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Today, I could not wake up at 6:00! Yesterday I worked hard, so I was very tired. But I thought that I can't wake up early, I tried to wake up for setting alarms. It is great regret of my own.

so much for today
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Today is the first day

I think that it is usable to write English everyday for learning. So I decide to write diary in English. For my poor English, it cost many time for writing diary. but it will become important. I have been busy in these days, so it will be short.

so much for today.
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